Diesel Engine (Generator)

FABA Motor Diesel engines are also operationally flexible, easy to maintain and are extremely reliable. Importantly, they are also reasonably fuel-tolerant. While diesel engine technology is mature, life-cycle costs are still being reduced through greater reliability and reduced maintenance requirements.

Diesel engine initial investment and operational costs are relatively low, and they are fuel-efficient. For instance, FABA Motor FM-16V 2500D engine uses only 200 grams/kWh of fuel, representing 44% thermal efficiency, excluding large CHP benefits.

FABA Diesel engines like their gas counterparts are based on same platform in terms of design but acquire sufficient alterations to satisfy diesel engine requirements. The diesel engines uses two-stage aftercooler too like gas engines, but different air paths and piping arrangement. Turbochargers has differences. Besides mechanical unit injectors, common rail fuel injection systems installed on these engines. The high pressure fuel injection is designed to be reliable under poor fuel quality. Combustion chamber is direct-injection type, its combination with modern fuel injection system boost the engine emission level.