Diesel Engines – Marine Propulsion and Electricity Generation

For this class of engines, besides the general configuration, FABA Motor considered a high displacement version which is specialized for marine heavy duty cases. Marine versions of FABA Diesel engines are enhanced to operate safely at higher RPMs like 1800 RPM. Currently marine engines manufactured by FABA Motor are based on Vee 8, 12 and 16 configuration with 170 and 280 mm in bore. Aspiration system of marine version of engines are turbocharged assisted too, but for faster responses, two variable geometry turbocharger per engine is designed rather than singe turbocharging configuration. Single turbocharging is default option for stationary application, for marine propulsion using two turbocharging gives the vessel faster maneuvers and transient operations.

Marine types of FABA diesel engines has mechanical unit injection system because of its proved reliability. The high pressure fuel injection system operate at 1800 bar pressure which give the engine suitable mixture formation.

Marine type of FABA engines are designed in such that be able to operate safely in pitch and roll motions of vessel. All heat exchanger are made of corrosion-resistant alloys (naval grade) for longer life.

By importance of communications systems for any vessel in offshore areas, the FABA electronic systems designed to impose lowest noise level in communications and electronic systems of vessel.