Gas Engine (Generator)

FABA Motor’s gas engines utilizes the company platform which consists 3 configuration in Vee in 8, 12 and 16 cylinder arrangement. This configuration are exist in two bore/stroke 170/190 and 280/300 mm. For satisfying electrical network requirements, gas engine genset equipped with electronic governer for controlling speed in range. All gas engine utilized modern single turbocharger with highest efficiency in its class, which improve reliability and economy of the product.

Among the features of FABA Motor engines, piston is designed such that has very low heat loss and wear rate, and also optimized for lowest BSFC. Air paths designed to decrease flow restrictions minimizing pressure losses relative to typical designs. Air cooler and oil cooler heat exchanger are made of corrosion-resistant alloys

Multivariable control structure to control individually spark timing for each cylinder coupled with precise knock detection, give a new level of robustness to FABA Motor spark-ignition engines. Also pre-lubrication circuit with oil heater in cold conditions are installed on this engines to realize minimum wear of engine during its life.

Clean-burning lean-burn gas reciprocating engines have been making inroads into both gas turbine and diesel engine sectors because of their low exhaust emissions, combined with high thermal efficiency.

FABA Motor Gas engines, available up to around 5 MW output, this technology has increasingly been viewed as being perfect for distributed power generation and CHP.